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The Future of the Agile Workplace

We’ve teamed up with Microsoft and Fujitsu for our new Techtalk in understanding how technology can help drive your business forward in this new, agile way of working, covering the following topics:

  • The future of work: the good, challenging and unknown
  • The right infrastructure to support your business post-Covid
  • Adapting to flexible working
  • How to take your business from functioning to game-changing with Microsoft Power Platform
  • Saxton Bampfylde's journey with Microsoft Power Platform
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Phishing: Don't Get Caught

Cybercrime, and in particular Phishing attacks, have risen astronomically since lockdown began and users started working from home. Our Experts guide you through:

  • What are the most common hacking techniques?
  • Don’t get caught by a phishing campaign: Live Demo
  • Hints and Tips for staying safe online
  • What do you do in the event of a suspected hack?
  • Cyber Essentials best practice
Using Microsoft Teams Effectively
Using Microsoft Teams Effectively

Our Experts will guide you through:

  • The right way to set up and use Teams and Channels
  • Integrating third party apps like OneNote and Whiteboard
  • Arranging a meeting in Teams
  • Tips for backing up and securing your files and data
Using Microsoft Teams Effectively
Powering Growth with Power BI

View our techtalk on Power BI to learn more about:

  • Simplifying project management reporting
  • CIS Controls Benchmarking
  • Instant data access and business intelligence
  • Downtime for devices at a glance
Powering Growth with Power BI
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Why should you undertake a Threat and Vulnerability Assessment?

  • External scan of your network and infrastructure
  • Identify known vulnerabilities and readily available exploits
  • Receive tailored recommendations and remediation actions