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Hospitality IT

Enhancing Efficiency and Customer Experience in the Hospitality Sector: The Role of B2B IT Services

Vennela Boppa

In today’s fast-paced hospitality industry, technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless operations, exceptional customer experiences, staff retention and a competitive offering.

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B2B technology and associated IT services are at the forefront of this transformation, addressing a number of critical challenges faced by restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses and adapting just as quickly as consumer expectations.

Wanstor partners with a host of large, industry leaders in the hospitality sector and we would like to share our observations regarding the challenges which IT solutions such as ours can resolve. This includes the opportunities that the right technology can deliver for growth and customer and employee experience.

Firstly, we will look at the challenges in the industry, then our observations about these industry-enhancing partnerships which are developing between experienced MSPs and organisations within the sector. Finally, we will look at the bespoke industry solutions which Wanstor offers.

B2B IT services for hospitality sector growth

The exponential rise of IT services in the hospitality industry has been a game-changer for how businesses operate and deliver services, making the competitor landscape far more agile Businesses are having to continually adapt to new consumer behaviours and expectations - many of which evolved during lockdown – regarding speed and convenience of service Simultaneously, IT support services are adapting to offer bespoke hospitality IT solutions that streamline operations and enhance guest engagement. For this sector, embracing cutting-edge IT infrastructure is not merely a trend but a fundamental component, driving their growth and helping them secure a competitive edge in a dynamic market landscape.

These solutions can be tailored-made for every business model from chains of restaurants offering takeaway to boutique hotels , automating operations where necessary and enabling employees to focus on enhancing customer experience in relevant areas. In an industry where employee retention can be low or contractual, these services can also ensure security and ease of onboarding and off-boarding.

Let’s delve into how B2B IT services are shaping the future of the industry.

Current challenges in the hospitality sector: A managed IT services perspective

  • Speed of service: Timely service is essential for customer satisfaction. B2B IT services leverage technology and integrations to maximise table covers both digitally and in-store. From efficient order processing to streamlined kitchen operations, technology ensures that guests receive prompt service.
  • Enhancing customer experience: The digital restaurant experience matters more than ever. B2B solutions optimise digital menus, delivery processes, and overall customer interactions. By providing a seamless journey, businesses can drive repeat visits and build brand loyalty.
  • Scalability and Efficiency: As hospitality businesses expand, scalability becomes crucial. B2B services offer cookie-cutter New Site Openings (NSOs), enabling rapid expansion while maintaining operational efficiency. Standardised site footprints reduce complexity and enhance scalability.
  • Operational cost reduction: Managing costs is vital for profitability. B2B IT services help businesses identify cost-saving opportunities, streamline processes, and minimise waste. From inventory management to energy-efficient systems, technology contributes to cost reduction.
  • Slick restaurant operations: B2B solutions enhance restaurant operations by automating critical tasks. Whether it’s staff scheduling, inventory tracking, or kitchen management, technology ensures smooth day-to-day operations.
  • IoT security: With the rise of connected devices, IoT security is a growing concern. B2B services address this challenge by implementing robust security protocols, safeguarding data, and protecting against cyber threats.

The Future of hospitality with B2B IT Partnerships

B2B IT partnerships nurtured between MSPs and service operators are shaping the industry and growing in popularity. They foster advancements that merge top-tier technology with the detailed needs of this service-driven sector. Amidst the whirlwind of innovation, these partnerships furnish the industry with the essential tools to keep up with a rapidly shifting market, delivered by experts with experience in delivering solutions to meet the unique challenges of the sector.

These cooperative relationships point towards a promising future for the sector, where technology is not just supplementary, but the driving force of a new experiential era, delivered by MSP specialising in the hospitality sector One key way in which these partnerships support the industry is in their key role in fitting out new locations ready for opening. Not only do they get everything in place for employees to be able to operate efficiently and securely but once they have the framework in place for the infrastructure which needs to be delivered and configured they can manage the project autonomously, in the manner of an inhouse IT team.

How Wanstor’s Hospitality IT support can help you overcome the challenges for hotel sectors

Wanstor, your complete technology partner for the next-generation digital restaurant, offers tailored B2B IT services to address industry-specific needs:

  • New Site Openings, Refurbs, and Dark Kitchens: Wanstor provides end-to-end restaurant IT management solutions. Whether it’s setting up a new location, refurbishing an existing one, or running operations from dark kitchens, our expertise ensures seamless operations.
  • Point of Sale (POS): We handle POS installations, upgrades, and 24/7 support. While our primary support is for Oracle Simphony, we also support other ePOS like Zonal and NCR. A reliable POS system is critical for efficient order processing, stock management, menu management and accurate billing.
  • Menu management: For Oracle Simphony users, Wanstor streamlines menu management. From pricing changes to dynamic menus, our solutions ensure consistency and flexibility.
  • Delivery integrations: Wanstor helps you set up a single delivery interface that automates interactions between delivery apps and POS systems. This integration enhances efficiency and reduces manual effort.
  • Staff management: Automation of HR processes, such as onboarding new staff and managing leavers, is essential. Wanstor’s integration with HR applications like Fourth ensures smooth staff management.
  • Asset management: Procuring and managing hardware (such as tills, kiosks, laptops, and POS devices) is simplified with Wanstor’s asset management services. This ensures optimal set up, performance and cost-effectiveness.

In essence, the synergy between B2B IT services and the hospitality sector heralds a new era of operational efficiency and customer-centricity. These tailored solutions address key industry challenges which businesses can use to navigate the evolving landscape with confidence, ensuring seamless operations and elevated guest experiences. If you’d like to know more, you can contact our team here.


How do B2B IT services contribute to the growth of the hospitality sector?

B2B IT services contribute to hospitality sector growth by integrating technology solutions that streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and improve operational efficiency, customer relationship management, online booking systems, and data security.

What is the significance of digital transformation in the hospitality industry?

Digital transformation is significant in the hospitality industry as it fosters a transition that optimises operations, incudes digital touchpoints in the customer journey, and ensures consistent high-quality guest satisfaction through the use of emerging technologies.

Why is IT support and infrastructure critical in hospitality?

IT support and infrastructure are critical in hospitality for maintaining maximum uptime and minimal disruptions, ensuring that hotels and restaurants can deliver an exceptional customer experience consistently, which is vital to their success.

What challenges do B2B IT services help navigate within the digital landscape of hospitality?

B2B IT services assist in navigating challenges such as cybersecurity threats, data management complexities, and the integration of disparate systems, providing tools and expertise that support a robust and secure digital ecosystem.

What role will B2B IT partnerships play in the future of hospitality technology?

B2B IT partnerships will be crucial in supplying the hospitality sector with the necessary innovation to meet consumer expectations and address operational demands, shaping a future that is increasingly technology-driven.