The real benefits of having an outsourced IT Department

Nicola Moss

When your IT network is out of action, your business comes to a standstill - and sometimes, having in-house IT services doesn’t provide the expertise or availability to help keep the network running.

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Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of outsourcing IT support, how to outsource IT services for your business and why you should outsource your IT.

What are IT outsourcing services?

Outsourced IT services are practices where you use an external service provider to deliver some, or all, of the IT functions required by a business including managing infrastructure, directing strategy, and running the IT service desk. There are many benefits of outsourcing your IT from cost to productivity. IT outsourcing services can help clients to develop the right sourcing strategies and vision.

High level of expertise

Outsourcing IT management can help your business embark on a successful journey as you are in the safest hands possible. IT outsourcing management ensures you get the best service from highly trained and qualified engineers whenever you need them. For example, if you wanted to migrate your email server to Microsoft 365, your outsourced IT specialists are fully knowledgeable on how to do this and can guide you easily. Another benefit of outsourcing is the range of issues that can come up during the workday. By IT outsourcing, you can be sure that there is someone available to help you at every point.

Reduced IT costs

In a recent study it was reported that 69% of UK companies believe in outsourcing IT management as a way of reducing costs. Benefits of outsourcing IT infrastructure include saving money as you don’t need to pay a full salary as well as expensive training or employee benefits for internal staff, particularly those that are well qualified.

Infographic detailing why you should outsource your IT

Improved productivity

One of the overlooked benefits of outsourcing IT support is that an in-house team can’t achieve what a dedicated IT company can in terms of value-added services. Outsourcing IT management means you can access additional services that can help make the company more productive like helping the team work remotely or making company data more secure.

Lowered risk

Outsourced IT support is often more proactive than an in-house team. One of the benefits of outsourcing IT infrastructures is that they can monitor your network and work round the clock to prevent problems before they occur. IT outsourcing services ensure you have a skilled team working on your IT problems whenever they occur at any point in the day.

How to outsource IT Services

When researching how to outsource IT services, you should choose a cost-effective company that is always available for your IT needs. Your IT is essential to the operation of your business, so finding the best IT outsourcing services is integral to the functioning of your business.

We provide a range of outsourced IT services with years of experience. If you would like more information on outsourced IT for your business, contact Wanstor today and we can help enable your business.