The role that Managed IT Services can play in your business

Nicola Moss

The reason why you need Managed IT Services is to provide businesses with ongoing support and maintenance for all IT solutions from an external party, taking pressure off the internal IT team.

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What is a Managed IT Service Provider?

By taking responsibility for the management and optimisation of all existing networks, infrastructure and other equipment, an MSP can ensure your IT is performing well, running efficiently and is secure and resilient. It can undertake regular assessments and audits to ensure that you’ve full visibility of your IT estate and infrastructure and that it’s patched, up to date, performing correctly and meeting business needs on a continuous basis.

Depending on the level of Managed IT Services you require, there are different packages available to suit your business needs and provide ongoing support. To help you establish why you need Managed IT Services to help your business flourish, here are some of the key ways that they can help take the weight off your shoulders:

A 24/7 service

Keep IT problems to a minimum by letting your providers stay on top of your IT. We operate on a 24/7 basis, with skilled engineers ensuring your business remains connected around the clock.

Technical expertise

Access a pool of senior qualified technicians across the full portfolio of IT solutions – from cloud and infrastructure to networking, security, and everything in-between, and have peace of mind that your solution is designed and implemented with expertise.

Adhere to best practise

A managed IT service provider will be able to ensure your IT solution is set up to adhere to all industry best practises, whether that the Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework, Well Architected Framework or Cyber Essentials. Our experts are certified in all areas.

Work on the go

Now more than ever, many businesses do not operate within four walls. Whether your business has different locations across the country, requires employees to travel or has a work from home initiative, ensure your IT system can be accessed as and when needed.

Keep track of budgets

Depending on the level of services you require, costs tend to be very affordable. A monthly payment will be decided on according to your package choice and this makes it easier to budget.

Stay ahead of the times

Managed service providers are continually keep up to date with the latest technologies and systems to provide you with the best solution for your business and enabling you to transition to better and more efficient ways of working.

If you would like to learn more about why you need Managed IT Services that are scaled to suit your business requirements, get in touch today. We offer flexible packages at affordable prices so you can enhance your business operations without the cost of fixed overheads.