What is digital transformation, and how can it help your IT?

Nicola Moss

Digital transformation can be beneficial to your business as it optimises data, builds a stronger management system, and makes the company more agile.

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It’s important to implement a digital marketing strategy to bring data together across the business so that the business can operate more effectively.

What is Digital Transformation in IT?

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create or modify business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet the constantly changing business and market requirements. A digital transformation strategy enhances roles like sales, marketing, and customer services to improve your customer’s overall experience.

What is Agile Digital Transformation?

An agile digital transformation strategy is based on the evidence that successful digital transformations occur through continuous innovation. It’s a popular approach to IT transformation as it enables teams to quickly review and respond to unpredictable circumstances. It’s about revolutionising the way the business is done and future-proofing your organisation quickly and thoroughly.

An agile digital transformation strategy embraces five principles:

  • Developing a transformative vision
  • Building digital customer engagement technology
  • Securing digital platforms
  • Driving insight with data-driven visualisation
  • Embracing digital agility to create an advantage

How can a Digital Transformation Strategy help your IT?

Digital transformation strategies help organisations to operate more effectively as it improves workflow, processes and culture. Here are some of the benefits of IT transformation:

Enhanced Data Collection

Most businesses collect a huge amount of data, but by implementing a digital transformation strategy, you can optimise this data for analysis that can drive the business forward.

It’s vital to evaluate exactly how you evaluate the customer journey as part of your digital transformation so that you can consider best practices for optimisation.

Stronger Resource Management

Digital transformation strengthens the information and resources into a suite of tools for your business. It can integrate applications, databases and software into a central place for business intelligence.

IT transformation encompasses every area of the business to ensure innovative processes and efficiency across the company.

Better Customer Experiences

By implementing a digital transformation strategy, you can differentiate your brand from others by enhancing your customer experience.

Your IT transformation can deliver seamless and natural experiences for your customers from email communication to customer portals and even the flow in which you reach out to new potential customers.

Increases Agility

We’ve already answered the question 'what is agile digital transformation?', but how you implement it makes a huge difference to your processes.

Digital transformation makes organisations more agile in general which means they improve the speed-to-market and can adopt continuous improvement strategies which allow for faster innovation.

Increased Profits

Companies that carry out IT transformation improve their efficiency and profitability.

Studies show that 80% of organisations that have carried out a digital transformation strategy reported increased profits, 85% said they have increased their market share, and 23% expect higher revenue growth than competitors.

We at Wanstor have performed many digital transformations over the years. If you are interested in learning how an IT digital transformation can support the growth of your business, contact us today.