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Hospitality Technology: How the Hospitality Sector is Building Customer Loyalty with the Help of Dedicated Technology Experts

Vennela Boppa

Why do people eat in restaurants and book breaks in hotels?

Young woman using her mobile phone and credit card in a modern hospitality environment

Whether it is a takeaway or Michelin-starred, one night close to home or a week-long adventure, they are looking for an experience unlike the usual humdrum.

They want a change to their routine, a meal or evening where they don’t have to think too hard, do any work, or lift a finger. Given the evolution of customer expectations over the last decade, we all to a certain extent would probably like the hospitality sector to know the experience we want before we say it.

Whilst it’s your team that can ultimately deliver this for them, having the right hospitality technology enables this. Having the best hospitality tech companies as your provider makes this easy, efficient, affordable and foolproof.

In cases where people would like to order, eat or stay, and pay with no waiting or disruption, the benefits Hospitality technology deliver are priceless. They include:

  • Online menus and ordering - enabling customers to view suggestions filtered to their requirement and order from their device.
  • Personalised rewards – data can be used to tailor-make rewards, offers and recommendations, increasing loyalty.
  • Entertainment – high-speed internet in rooms and seating areas for dwell time can add to customer experience.
  • Reliable and safe payment options – because your customer’s last perception of you is the one that they will remember.
  • Employee productivity and efficiency– if everything is working as it should then your team can focus on delivering exceptional service at the right pace.

Happy Team, Happy Customers

The right technology doesn’t just make for a great customer experience, but a rewarding employee experience too. Dedicated IT solutions for the hospitality industry enable your team to focus on their role and not unreliable, confusing IT systems. Happy team members create opportunities to build relationships and make for loyal brand communities both inhouse and externally.

For team members and the industry, technology enables:

Saying Goodbye to Downtime:

Tech glitches can leave your employees distressed because they are unable to get on with their roles or are disappointing customers. More importantly, downtime means lost revenue so it’s important to have your technology working all of the time.

Great MSPs have expert IT, network, security and POS support which means should there be a problem, there is an expert always on-hand to resolve the issue. Using an MSP means you can benefit from restaurant and hotel 24/7 IT support.

Scaling at Pace

MSPs like us with a wealth of experience in the industry have turnkey IT solutions to support new site openings with what feels as simple as a restaurant in a box.

  • Standardised technology securely networked to your other locations
  • One point of contact for all your IT needs
  • Support - from project through to go-live days
  • All the hardware and software you need back and front-of-house

Using a partner who can understand the industry’s requirements means you just find the venue and your MSP does the rest. This can help you do what you do best and get up running so much faster.

From Internet connectivity to hardware and POS, VoIP to Wi-Fi, you’ll be covered. An MSP like Wanstor can fully support your new site opening from first day onsite to first meal served or room booked.

Seamless PoS Integration for Smooth Operations

No more staff wasting time adding menu items or tracking month- end inventory. An MSP should remove the difficulty of setting up integrations for payment delivery, loyalty and marketing.

Smooth Staff Onboarding and Offboarding

Secure and easy staff onboarding makes it easy to employ new or temporary staff for busy times with no fear about security or disruption. You find the great team member and we can deliver the excellent IT that they need.

The right IT support in the hospitality sector is crucial for growing your business and nurturing customer loyalty. It leads to content team members and superior customer experiences. Leveraging technology can facilitate smooth site launches and manage seasonal variations. Collaborating with a dedicated IT solutions provider like Wanstor is a win-win, streamlining operations and boosting efficiency.