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About Hestia

Hestia has helped people in crisis for more than 50 years. What started, as a small group providing food to the homeless, has evolved into a not-for-profit business, helping more than 10,000 people each year to move on to a life beyond crisis.

The Challenge

Hestia recognised that IT had evolved significantly over recent years and it wanted to take advantage of this to become a more agile business and deliver the best experience for its staff and volunteers.

The Solution

Hestia decided to bring one of Wanstor’s senior engineers onsite in a full time capacity to help drive the transformational change needed and create a new, stable and secure hosted infrastructure and implement a safe remote working environment.

We have the best of both worlds - an extremely capable on-site engineer, and the backing of a Managed Service Provider powerhouse with all the capability and technology that I need. I am never dealing with a faceless IT provider - Wanstor knows our organisation back to front."
Max Savage,
Head of IT, Hestia
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  • IT infrastructure rebuilt to be more sustainable, manageable and cost-effective
  • Remote services replaced to improve remote working
  • OneDrive and Filesharing introduced to enable secure and effective collaboration
  • More streamlined, efficient staff onboarding system introduced
  • Daily troubleshooting of all company-wide IT issues
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