Managed Hosting Solutions that deliver business impact

A reliable service from Application and Web Hosting Provider is a must for your business. As managed cloud hosting providers, we offer a 24/7 proactive approach, with cost-effective and secure solutions that match your business needs.

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Lower overall IT operating costs

Using Cloud Hosting providers means no staff or equipment expenses for you

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Customised data storage, compute and network solutions

As Managed Hosting providers, we will scale to your unique business and technical challenge

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Improved data security posture

Benefit from layers of redundancy covering security, network connectivity and power

Managed Hosting Services designed to help your Business

Our hosting services are built on trust to deliver sector-specific solutions that your business can rely on. As Managed Hosting providers in the UK, we provide a different service to standard MSPs, partnering with our clients to meet their business needs.

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Server Monitoring

As Web Hosting Providers, we proactively scan servers in search of any irregularities or potential failures. When problems or issues are discovered, we rectify them immediately before they develop into major issues or service disruption

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Our Managed Hosting solutions all contain relevant security products as standard including virus scanning, spam filtering, firewall configuration and operating system updates in addition to standard physical data centre security measures

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We make sure that all of your data is stored in a safe, secure data centre environment. We also have a range of back up and recovery solutions should anything go wrong so we can recover your data quickly and easily without any disruption to your daily operations

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Configuration and Maintenance

We provide access to specialist staff to make sure the hosting solution is configured to meet your business requirements. We perform all server maintenance to keep the Managed Hosting platform running 24/7, 365 days a year

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As a Managed Hosting service provider, we offer 24/7/365 qualified support for all our solutions. Support can be accessed via phone, email, web chat or a bespoke portal giving your IT team access to support via the channels when they need it

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We can provide bare metal servers deployed on demand with the option to customise across the compute, storage and networking to build a custom-tailored environment for your unique computing needs

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Our certified Database Analysts take the complexity out of database management. They provide the deep expertise needed to manage MySQL®, Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL Server®

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Networking and Connectivity

We can scale your managed infrastructure to combine the performance of bare metal servers with the scalability of the cloud, distribute infrastructure across multiple environments and securely connect your network

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We use server virtualisation to make sure of the maximum availability and performance of your business applications and services

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