UK businesses risk missing out on the major benefits of artificial intelligence, according to new research from Wanstor

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Study reveals half are not 'data ready' to successfully implement advanced AI technologies.

London, UK, 30 January 2024. Wanstor, a leading Managed IT Service Provider, has today released the findings of an in-depth Artificial Intelligence (AI) research report, revealing that while 90% of organisations are planning to invest in advanced AI tools such as the recently launched Microsoft 365 Copilot, half admit they haven't taken steps to ensure the reliability and integrity of data fed into AI systems. As a result, many organisations risk missing out on the major benefits AI can offer while also exposing themselves to increased security risks.

The report, carried out among over 200 decision-makers within IT digital transformation roles, points out that AI has the potential to revolutionise businesses across the economy by automating routine tasks, freeing up valuable resources to focus on mission-critical activities and enhancing decision-making through data-driven insights.

Many research respondents, however, have yet to focus on getting their data in order for AI, such as ensuring it is precise, well-organised and secure. Fully prepared data not only paves the way for successful AI utilisation but also avoids potential problems such as ineffective use of technology or data security issues.

Key findings from the report include:

  • 90% of organisations plan to invest in advanced AI tools such as ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot.
  • 49% of respondents haven’t checked the reliability and integrity of the data they are planning to feed into AI systems.
  • 55% haven’t any clearly established data security protocols to protect sensitive information when using AI tools.
  • The release of ChatGPT led to a more than 60% increase in digital assistant usage among organisations.
  • 70% say they are likely to implement Microsoft Copilot across management, team leadership or administrative functions.
  • Only 15% of respondents view workforce reduction as a primary purpose of AI.
A chart illustrating industry opinion on the primary purpose of AI in business A chart illustrating industry opinion on the primary purpose of AI in business
The report sheds light on insights such as the primary purposes of AI in the workplace.

The report highlights three crucial data priorities for effective AI use: firstly, ensure data accuracy, relevance and security through rigorous checks and management. Next, implement robust security to safeguard data privacy. Finally, regularly update data sources to maintain AI relevance and value.

"This report reveals major levels of enthusiasm among UK organisations to embrace AI technologies like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot. However, our research also indicates a major gap in data readiness that could hinder these investments from reaching their full potential and leave their data exposed," said Nicola Moss, Head of Marketing at Wanstor. "Using AI effectively is not just about buying tools; it needs data that is clean, accurate and secure. By focusing on creating a robust foundation for their data, organisations can ensure they are not just keeping pace but leading the way in utilising AI to drive innovation and efficiency in their operations."

To view the research, please click here to access our report.